Friday, January 18, 2013

Absurd and Filthye Languish

Extracts from the Records of the Merchant Adventurers of Newcastle-upon Tyne, Vol. I (Durham: Andrews & Co., 1895), p. 192 (August 23, 1658):
An information, dated June the 8th last, was by Mr. Railph Cocke presented against Mr. William Gray, junior, wherein Mr. Cocke set forth that, upon a differance betwixt them, he told Mr. Gray he would aske leave of Mr. Governor to arrest him; to which he answered he cared not a fart for the Governor. Mr. Cocke replyed if he should acquaint the Governor he would repeat his words, to which Mr. Gray answeareing sayd he cared neither a fart nor a turd for the Governor, for which absurd and filthye languish he was fyned twenty pounds.

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